Our standard time is 6 hours before GMT, and there is only a solitary time zone all through the country.
Accessible time Office hours in Bhutan are disengaged into two timings, "the mid-year timing and the winter timing.
The time difference between India and Bhutan is 30 minutes. The pre-summer timing begins at 9 AM Bhutan standard time and proceeds till 5 pm during the evening.
The mid-year schedule is taken after from March till the complete of October. The winter timing that continues for the times of November till the whole of February starts at 9 AM in the morning till 4 PM during the evening. In any case, these timings are taken after just in Thimphu and couple of various Districts.
These arranging is made after only by the Civil Servants who work under the Royal Civil Service Commission.
For those people used in Corporations and private affiliations, the timings are regularly from 9 AM till 5 PM free of the season. Cia factbook bhutan is available in English language for Travellers.